New Construction Loans
REI Loans offers New Construction loans for investors, builders, and developers seeking competitive financing for the acquisition, development, or construction of ground-up projects. Fast approvals and funding available with a nationwide footprint.
Typical terms
Up to 85% of Project Cost
Loan Amounts
Minimum $250K to Maximum $5M
Loan Term
12-24 Month Term- Interest Only
Eligible Projects
Infill, Redevelopment, conversion, and condo loans also permitted
Interest Reserves
Interest reserves can be built in
Eligible Properties
Single Family detached, condos, townhomes, multi-family
All States except Alaska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah
Eligible Borrowers
U.S. Citizens
Permanent Resident Aliens
Non-Permanent Resident Aliens
Foreign Nationals
LLCs, Limited Partnerships, General Partnerships, Corporations
Non-Recourse and Recourse Options